Critique of Instrumental Reason
(by the use of drums)

Non-Cochlear Sound
Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn, October 2010

featuring: Erté deGarces, Leon Hilton, Michelle Hyun, Thomas Mullarney,
Aliza Shvarts

"Like a peg-leg stumbling through a field of bald Uniroyals."
- Lester Bangs, describing the drumming on The Shaggs album, Philosophy of the World.

Most of the work - like the mechanism of a giant cuckoo clock - is invisible to the audience. A worker chucks a drumkit down the stairs, collects the ravaged kit in a wheelbarrow, escorts it through the gallery space, up the elevator, to the floor above, and starts again.

Every ten minutes the exhibition is punctuated by the tick-tock of percussion, concrete, and gravity.