Beneath A Sky Debirded

Reception Space & ResonanceFM

Two "rovers" carry speakers (left and right) as they move around a grid on the gallery floor. Meanwhile, discreet left and right signals are broadcast on ResonanceFM. When the rovers land on their randomly-generated grid locations, a "scout" moves to a location on the grid which affords an equal stereo balance of the two signals. The scout communicates his grid location (i.e. G-5) to the radio DJ via cellular phone. The DJ then plays track G on the left channel and track 5 on the right channel. The rovers move again, the scout finds a stereo balance and telephones his coordinates, generating new left and right sounds. The result is two pieces: one is a radio piece consisting solely of the randomly-generated combinations of the discreet left and right audio; the other is a performance of slow choreography and sound being reconfigured in the gallery space.

Rovers: John Lely & Julia Kim-Cohen
DJ: Drew Morgan