Singing Bird Pistols

Single channel video with sound
Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art
Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

On the same day in 2011, two different video clips were indepently brought to my attention. One, from the New York Times, chronicles the savage, fatal, beating of Farai Kujirichita, a Zimbabwean man, wrongly suspected of committing an unspecified crime in the South African settlement of Diepsloot. The other, from the auction house, Christie's, advertises a pair of 19th century pistols. When the trigger is pulled, mechanical singing birds emerge from the barrel.

The world is seldom simple. Droll diversions and sickening brutality coexist as if brothers, as if one mattered no more than the other.

Artforum review of Postscript (with mention of Singing Bird Pistols.)