2016 Critique Of Instrumental Reason (by the use of string quartet)
2015 Bars (of Ponge's Soap)
  Ambient (Against)
2014 Enlist
2013 Critique Of Instrumental Reason (by the use of electric guitar)
  The parasite checks in to the hostel and asks for two keys.
  The be in bathos equals the pee in pathos
(except at the bathhouse).
2012 Singing Bird Pistols
  What Borges Said About Babel
No Pretty Songs, Gentlemen
Zuccotti Dub
Tomorrow Is The Question? Is The Question!
2011 4 Songs Sung Site Specifically
Before Becoming The Music, The Music Was Just A Word
Guilt and Pleasure: A Conversation
2010 Critique Of Instrumental Reason (by the use of drums)
In D
Forever Got Shorter (from a t-shirt of the same name)
2009 A Thousand Apparatus
Colloquy For George Brecht
Vetting The Vetters
2008 68SFTD
Mise En Collision
29 Ounces of The Atlantic Ocean Evaporating In C Major
The Ocular Bridge
2007 Brevity Is A Sol LeWitt
Seven Great Rock Music Record Albums And Everything I Can Think Of To Say About Them In The Time It Takes To Listen To Them
Conch Making As If Dancing
Changing My Middle Name To Geronimo
2006 O My Friends, There Is No Friend
for Jaromir Hladik
Loud Trousers
Hour-Long Broadcast Auction
Six Things #6 For Henri Vaxby by John Lely
The LÚvi Breaks
2005 Before Your Door (Is All The Way Open)
Symphony 0
Beneath A Sky Debirded
Sound Control
A Thousand Lands Of A Thousand Dances
  Swan Match Kindling
The Sixth Sick Sheik's Sixth Sick Sheep (sic)
2004 Onset
2002 The Sound Of One Fan Clapping
The Fire Show
Number One Cup